Presents for a New Baby

If you're looking for a present for a New Baby, I promise you that baby's mum will be grateful if you "think outside of the box". It is likely that the new baby is going to be innundated with gifts of clothes, after all, if you go looking for a present, all those teeny-tiny baby clothes are so cute!

So... what other gifts would be gratefully recieved .... how about
Sainsburys TU
Muslin Squares .... there are loads of fun patterns out there, so you can still hit the cuteness factor and they are used every day.

Toys for the Pram or Carry Cot, there are some wonderful toys that clip onto the carry cot, these are useful to keep baby entertained whilst Mum is out and about, there are some great toys out there, including those with rattles and bells inside.

Comforter Blankets ... check the label that they are safe for Newborns, these can be placed in the cot with the baby and could become a familair favourite.

Receiving Blankets ... these are similar to Muslin Squares but are made of a soft, brushed cotton. They are useful as they can be wrapped around baby, used as a blanket and their much less bulky than traditional blankets, useful for Mum to always have in her changing bag.

Or perhaps buy some Milestone Baby Cards so that Mum can document the growth and milestone achievements of their little one.

And of course, if you do decide to buy clothes for the baby, why not consider buying a larger size, that way it spreads out the number of clothes the little one has in it's first year. Just make sure it is season appropriate for the season that you would expect the baby to be in that size clothes !

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